Island of Antigua

About the island of Antigua

The islands of Antigua and Barbuda obtained their independence from Britain on November 1, 1981. The state includes two big islands: Antigua and Barbuda and several smaller islands: Redonda, Great Bird, Green, Guiana, Maiden and York Islands. The total area of the islands is 442 square kilometers. Antigua is located between Montserrat and Guadeloupe Islands. The coral island Barbuda covers an area of 161 square kilometers and it is the second largest island. However, Redonda Island located 60 kilometers away from Antigua is not inhabited at all because of its volcanic nature and it is only 1.6 square kilometers.

The landscape of Antigua is mostly low-lying, with an abundance of volcanic sediments and limestone plateau. The highest point of Antigua is 402 meters and the highest point of Barbuda Island is 32 meters. Antigua is very popular holiday destination because of the fascinating reefs and white-sand beaches. The population of Antigua and Barbuda is mostly black (from African descent). The level of education here is quite high and incomes of local inhabitants are at a decent level. The population density is 194 inhabitants per square kilometer with a total population of nearly 92000 persons.

The Capital of Antigua is St. John’s. The official language is English, although some people speak the Antiguan Creole. The main monetary unit is the Eastern Caribbean dollar. The island’s climate is favourable with stable warm weather +27C all year round. The rainy season is from September to November.

Things to do in Antigua

Antigua is famous for its numerous beaches. There are more than 360 with beautiful bays and fine white sand. The most popular beaches are on the Southern and the Eastern coasts of the island, where coral shoals provide ideal conditions for diving and surfing.

During a trip around the island you will see: the capital of the island St. John’s, located on the north west, and the harbor with the oldest port in the Caribbean, ‘’James Fort ‘’, the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda; the St. John’s Cathedral with the bell tower of the Baroque style, the national park “Indian Town”, where the main camp of the Arawak Indians was situated, a graceful Devil’s bridge created by the waters of the Atlantic ocean, the legendary English harbor of the 17th century, the national Nelson’s Dockyard park and its main attractions — an open air museum “The Dockyard of Admiral Nelson”, viewpoints Clarence House and Shirley Heights with a beautiful view of the Harbor and the neighboring islands of Montserrat and Guadeloupe.

Adventure lovers can enjoy a trip in a helicopter over Antigua. They will see wonderful beaches and lagoons from above, amazing reefs, luxury yachts at the Falmouth port, Shirley Heights hills and much more. To see tropical greenery in the less populated part of the island, choose a canopy tour. The Safari tour goes through tropical forests and picturesque places where you can take photos. In the local villages, you can taste local drinks and fruits. 6-hour cruises give an opportunity to come closer to the white sharks (from the cage) and it will be interesting to those who appreciate marine life. You can also see Montserrat at extremely close range with its haze constantly flowing from the crater of the active volcano and enjoy a BBQ lunch on the beach to the sound of the Caribbean rhythms.

The International sailing regatta in Antigua is held at the end of April — the main sailing competition in the Caribbean region and it is the fifth in its scope in the world. Every year a large number of boats from around the world participate in Antigua Sailing week. People wishing to see the regatta, meet on the hills of the island and enjoy panoramic views. The final day of the regatta –a fun party is held in an unforgettable tropical atmosphere. Visit

The “DeJam” music festival in Antigua has been running for more than 10 years. It brings together popular DJs and crowds of people who are ready to party from dusk till dawn in a paradise island. This is the most popular events of the festival, which lasts for a week: A Catamaran Cruise and a Beach party, an unforgettable masquerade ball and a “White party” at the Blue lagoon. Visit

Carnival in Antigua begins in late August and lasts for about 10 days. At this time, the island turns into one big concert hall where there are costumed parades, concerts, dance shows and numerous competitions among the most beautiful and talented people Visit

The national cultural festival “Wadadli Day” in Antigua is held in late February. This fun and entertaining event is focused on preserving traditional crafts, cuisine and folklore art of the islanders and transferring skills to a new generation. At the festival you can try national dishes and drinks, purchase souvenirs made by local craftsmen, and listen to Calypso music.