Hotels, villas, apartments in the Caribbean

Hotels in the and villas in the Caribbean have won its reputation among seasoned travelers, and if you wish to get the most positive holiday experience, we highly recommend you to stay in these heavenly conditions, which perfectly complement the fantastic atmosphere of the Caribbean Islands.

The island of Barbados can be called as the heart of the famous and rich, so every visitor can enjoy a memorable and pleasant stay. Barbados hotels deserve special attention because they are considered to be the best in the Caribbean. Depending on your financial possibilities you can choose three-star and five-star hotels. Despite the reasonable prices even three-star hotels can boast serious quality, so tourists are offered: a variety of services, abundance of entertainment, Spa, wellness treatments (massage, acupuncture, and other modern recovery methods). Almost every hotel is on the beach and has a swimming pool.

Five-star hotels in Barbados will satisfy every whim of the guests, providing high quality service, comfortable accommodation quality service and a multilingual staff. Laundries, swimming pools, beauty salons, spa-salons, gourmet kitchens, gyms, tours, entertainment will brighten the pastime of visitors to the island.

Foodie – travellers who enjoy old European charm and atmosphere of the Caribbean, will be able to appreciate the holiday villas in Barbados, containing everything you need for a perfect holiday: pools, full staff including cook, gazebos, bars, outdoor barbecues and other amenities. Renting a Villa in the Caribbean is a popular choice for family holidays, wedding groups, and couples on honeymoon.

Those who wish to manage their diet themselves, will surely enjoy the condominium that they can rent. The conditions are able to meet quite demanding requirements, starting with a pleasant interior, upholstered furniture and marble floors, ending with the servants, area for receptions, Jacuzzi or swimming pool. Features and convenience of condominiums, however, as hotels with a pitchfork in the Caribbean, depend only on your choice but even the cheapest options will delight you with its hospitality and quality standards.

· Hotels in Antigua are endowed with a special atmosphere of cordiality. Each of them seek to attract more tourists, so the level of service and comfort is only a pleasant experience, and the desire to stay here for a longer period of time.

· Grenada hotels offer a wide range of accommodations. From a small house with a kitchen to the large resort complex. Those who love a clean environment will have an opportunity to stay in eco-hotels.

· Most of Saint Lucia hotels have SPA centers using the healing bath, local mud and massages. Many tourists are attracted here by the superior nature – underwater volcanoes, forests, bays, beaches, underwater world and other natural beauty.

· Saint Kitts and Nevis hotels quality depend on the number of stars. Each 3-star hotel has its own restaurant, bar, casino, beauty salon and luxuriously furnished rooms. Five-star hotels offer practically the perfect vacation with all-inclusive programme that includes: modern and comfortable rooms, voyages and excursions organization, fishing in the open ocean on a yacht and a cultural programme. Some hotels offer to attend diving schools and try your hand at windsurfing.

· Palm island hotel rooms have a nice design, beautiful view and comfortable conditions to stay, with the programme “all inclusive”: great food, all necessary amenities in the rooms (bathrobe, air conditioning, kettle, fridge, coffee maker, beds, safe deposit box), maid service, plenty of entertainment and a powerful sports infrastructure.

· Saint Martin hotels are also differed in pricing and stars. Even in three-star hotels the vacationer gets a solid number. In some cases, such hotels have restaurants and a kitchenette. Five-star hotels, as usual, are the best ones as local authorities make much effort to make the local space maximally attractive for the tourists.

· Five – star hotels in the Dominican Republic adhere to modern international standards in the tourism sector, posting on its territory: water parks, entertainment complexes, restaurants with children’s menu, as well as animators and nannies for children. An adult and a child will not get bored here. Every day they are offered new kind of entertainment. In its turn, the three-star hotels are more focused on youth active style of rest, they remain all-inclusive system, as well as the opportunity to learn windsurfing, scuba diving, exercise at gym, visit Spa and beauty salon.

· St. Barth’s Hotels are not so numerous, there are more cottages and villas belonging to famous politicians and artists, which can be taken in a long-term lease, but those hotels that are in available are just gorgeous. Not for nothing that St. Barth is known as the island of millionaires. Three-star hotels look impressive and offer decent conditions to stay in. Most five-star hotels contain pools, reputable restaurants, children’s playgrounds, spas and gyms.