Palm Island

About Palm Island

Palm is a small island which is also a part of the Saint Vincent and Grenadines, and was made into a popular resort. The island-resort is only 0.55 square kilometers. Back in 1966, John Caldwell rented the land from the local authorities for only one dollar. The hotel was completely rebuilt under the new standards of comfort in 1999. Originally, the island was called Prune Island, but because of the abundance of planted coconut trees, it became known as Palm Island. The Island focuses exclusively on tourists.

There is one hotel and twenty private villas on this island. The hotel can host up to 80 guests with a staff of 93 people. The island has five beaches. Palm Island is known as a bird sanctuary and vacationers can see a lot of different exotic birds. In Palm Island people care not only about the service quality, but also about ways of spending leisure time. Tourists can try many sports (tennis, diving, biking, golf croquet, fishing, windsurfing and etc.), also boat trips and some excursions to other islands.

The official language is English. The official currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar. The island’s climate is made up of tropical trade winds. The average temperature is +23C — +26C.

Things do in Palm Island

Despite the fact that the area of Palm Island is only about 55 hectares (135 acres) and the island is similar to a tourist complex, where the permanent residents are only a few dozen people (the staff), it is an elite resort. The Palm Island is very popular amongst celebrities and other people of wealth. Of course, everything is thought out on this island to provide guests with maximum comfort: restaurants, clubs, well-organized and equipped beaches, panoramic glazed villas with lovely sea views, high-quality service and much more.

Nature also contributes to a memorable stay on the island, pleasing with stable weather, crystal clear water and soft white sandy beaches. A special romantic atmosphere can be created for the guests on request for lunch or dinner on the beach, with the help of the hotel staff.

Among local attractions there is an artificially constructed lagoon, which is located in the central part of the island. The guests of Palm Island like to spend time by lagoon in the evenings.

The nearby protected Tobago Cays Marine Park will seem like paradise to those who enjoy snorkeling and diving, as they can explore the pristine reefs and abundant marine life.

There is a lot to do for active and adventurous vacationers and they include a wide range of entertainment associated with water activities such as: snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, surfing, yachting, sailing and, of course, fishing. A fascinating journey on a catamaran to the Tobago Cays and Mayreau Island included with lunch and drinks, swimming and snorkeling with sea fish and giant turtles is a truly memorable event. Adventure lovers can visit the islands: Mayreau, Mopion, Union Island and St. Vinсent – all are completely different and amazing.

It is also possible to play cricket, golf, table tennis to keep the body in shape in the fitness room. For those who are interested in the history of the island and those wishing to feel its atmosphere, there is a walking tour along the entire Palm Island, where you will learn interesting historical facts. Master classes of making coconut hats are offered by real craftsmen. The lovely ladies will enjoy the local SPA, where they can try various services or just get a relaxing and soothing massage.