Saint Barthélemy - Saint Barts Island

About Saint Barthélemy - Saint Barts Island

St. Barts is an overseas collectivity of France consisting of the island of the same name and nearby islands. The area is 25 square kilometres, and the population is approx. 9 thousand people. Europeans predominate, some mulattos , mestizos and a small black population. The island does not have its own sources of fresh water, that is the reason why local agriculture has not been developed. The island imports all of its commodities. The main profit to the state treasury comes from tourists who enjoy the fresh air, lush tropical nature, white-sand beaches and cozy bays. St Barts’ restaurants are one of the best in the Caribbean thanks to French chefs.

Guests of the island can enjoy horse riding, tennis, helicopter excursions, scuba diving, surfing, shopping and so on.

The capital is Gustavia. The official language is French, Creole and English are also found. Local currency is Euro. The climate of the island is tropical dry. The average air temperature is + 26 ° C, and the water temperature is about 25 ° C almost all year. Precipitation can occur at any time, but the wettest period is from July to November. At the same time hurricanes warnings can be issued. The best time to visit the island is from December to May.

Things to do in Saint Barthélemy - Saint Barts Islan

St. Barts or Saint Barthélemy is a small island with an area of 25 square kilometers, filled with luxury yachts, designer boutiques, iguanas, flowering cacti, and of course the white sandy beaches with clear sea water, which are the main attraction of the island. The highlight of the island is the abundance of gourmet restaurants, there are almost 80 of them, and each of them has its own unique atmosphere. The restaurants offer a wide variety of gourmet cuisine, Creole, Italian, French, Asian …

The most popular restaurants for gourmets are: La plage, O Corail, Le Gaiac, Le BAZ bar.

Let’s get familiar with some beaches, where rich and influential people like to relax. You can see celebrities quit often in st. Barts. Public Beach – a small beach where the sailing school is located. The water is calm and pleasant, which provide perfect condition for sailing classes. Corossol beach – a beach with a special charm and brown sand, with a fishing village behind the beach.
Colombier beach – it is also called Rockefeller Beach, one of the best beaches on the island with turquoise water and a relaxed atmosphere. Conder Nast Traveler magazine has mentioned this beach as one of the best beaches in the world. Flamands beach – the largest beach on the island, with fine white sand and rolling waves, great for surfing, as well as for volleyball and soccer on the beach. Anse des Cayes beach is a great place to surf. Lorient beach – the beach is also called “small pools”. The place is great for family holiday, as coral reefs provide additional safety for children. Marigot beach is part of the Marine Nature Reserve, with crystal clear water and unique biodiversity suitable for snorkeling. Toiny beach – swimming is not recommended on this beach, due to the underwater current, but at the same time it is popular among surfers. Shell beach is located within a short walk from Gustavia and is the stage for many local festivals. St. Jean beach is literally a short walk from the capital, and is the most active part of the island. This beach is divided into two parts by the Eden Rock Hotel. Private airplanes can be seen in the part close to the airport, and there is a calm atmosphere for swimming and snorkeling on the other side of the beach.

Active folks can clearly feel themselves in their element, because there are plenty of different activities and sport on the island. These activities include: hiking and swimming in the sea, diving and scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, water skiing and wakeboarding, diving in a submarine, tennis and volleyball, yoga, relaxing massage and Pilates courses, the opportunity to rent boat, yacht, jet ski or scooter.

The local yacht club regularly organizes regattas for all types of boats, competitions are often held among chefs, and gastronomic tours are available for everyone. Shopping in St. Barts is very popular. Duty free designer boutiques and a wide range of many other shops make the island a shopping paradise. The famous brands include: Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chopard, Bulgari, Cartier and many others. Most of the boutiques are in the areas of Gustavia, and St-Jean.

The cultural life of the island of St. Barts is full of various festivals: In January there is a music festival -jazz festival, the importance of which is growing every year. A carnival with a traditional parade along the streets of the capital is also celebrated in the month of January. The film festival takes place in April.

There is no crime and racial tension on the island, once having been here, you will definitely want to return again for a new portion of luxury tropical relaxation.